Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Andhra Chicken Pickle

Ingredients :-

Chicken : 1 lb ( boneless)
Coriander seeds : 2 Tbspn
Cloves : 8
Cinnamon : 2" piece
Cardamom : 3
Poppy seeds ( dry fried) : 1 tspn
Garlic : 10 pods
Ginger : equal quantity of garlic
Water : 1 small glass
Turmeric : 1/4 tspn
Salt : 1/4 tspn
Oil : 100ml
Salt : 5 tspn
Paprika : 12 tspn
Mustard Powder : 2 tspn
Fenugreek powder : 1/2 tspn
Lemon : 5
Ingredients for tadka :-
Oil : 100 ml
Dry red chillies : 4
Cumin seeds : 1 tspn
Mustard or vaminta seeds : 1/2 tspn
Curry leaves : 1 sprig
Asafoetida : 1/8 tspn

Preparation :-
  • Clean and cut chicken into small pieces.
  • Heat a glass of water and bring it to boil . When it comes to boiling point add 1/4 tspn salt and 1/4 tspn turmeric . Add chicken pieces slowly and cook it till done and strain it.
  • Dry the chicken pieces on a paper towel for 15 mins.
  • In mean time grind coriander seeds , cloves , cardamom , cinnamon and dry fried poppy seeds to a fine powder.
  • In second round add ginger and garlic pieces and grind again.
  • Now heat a pan add 100 ml of oil and fry boiled chicken pieces till golden brown.
  • Now to the fried chicken add grinded paste and fry for 3 mins and switch off stove.
  • Take a dry bowl and add salt , paprika , mustard powder and fenugreek powder and mix nicely. Pour these spices on top of chicken and mix nicely.
  • Take a bowl and squeeze juice of 5 lemon .
  • Once the chicken is cooled add this lemon juice and mix nicely.
  • Now heat a sauce pan add 100ml of oil and make tadka by adding dry red chillies , cumin , mustard and asafoetida. Switch off stove and carefully add curry leaves . let this tadka cool completely.
  • Add this tadka to chicken and mix nicely.
  • Transfer it to a dry storage container. You can sere after a day .
  • Serve it with hot rice.


  1. Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Chicken pickle looking good. This time when I went to India I learned chicken pickle, ginger pickle, and a surprise pickle which is hush hush. I packed my pickles to get them here, customs people throned away my entire chicken pickle into the bin, we shouldn't get them it seems, damn them I keep scolding them that was the best pickle I have eaten.

    One day I will do here and post my version of it.

    Hi Sneha , u can use chilly powder . I used paprika just for good colour and less spicy. Usually i use chilly powder but these days only i started using paprika. If using chilly powder add little less and adjust salt accordingly.

    Anonymous said...
    Thank you so much :-)

    kusuma said...
    Hi Preetthi,

    How many days we can preserve this.

    Hi Kusuma ,
    It will be good for 6 months .

    Sravanthi said...
    very nicely explained ! will surely give a try.
    muslimah said...
    dear preethi

    could you please please post the recipe of tomato pickle and mango pickle (andhra style) please as summer is approaching i want to make home made pickles as it taste fantastic please do post we havent seen any new recipe since many days

    thnks in advance
    muslimah said...
    dear preethi

    could you please please post the recipe of tomato pickle and mango pickle (andhra style) please as summer is approaching i want to make home made pickles as it taste fantastic please do post we havent seen any new recipe since many days

    thnks in advance
    Lavern Owie said...
    thanks for sharing this delicious recipe and also, the procedure is very easy to follow. please keep on posting like this. God bless!
    akhi said...
    hey nice recipe, tried today and it came out really good...
    manasa.j said...
    hi Preeti...

    iam a btech student,staying in our college hostel,.where we are provided only vegeterian food.Chicken pickle is the only way we can eat non veg,if we want to eat here.Last time when i asked my mom to make it,she told she dont know the recipe.This time when i go home,i will show my mom ur recipe and ask her to make it for me..

    thanks a lot for sharing...keep sharing other recipes also...

    jdmercy said...
    hi, preethi ur pickle look so good and delicious. thanks for ur wonderful recipie. surely, I will give a try.
    jdmercy said...
    preethi can we add some water if the ginger and garlic is not grinded properly.
    jdmercy said...
    if we put fenugreek and mustard powder little bit more, does it taste bitter or else the lemon juice can subside it, please reply me.

    Hi JD Mercy,

    You can add small amount of water while grinding ginger garlic. When you fry ginger garlic paste in chicken all the moisture content will be evaporated. Just add right amount of mustard and fenugreek powder coz adding more will defenitely leads to bitterness.

    Cheap kitchens said...
    Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe and also, the procedure is very simple to follow. keep on posting like this. Chicken pickle is the only way they can eat non veg,if they need to eat here.
    microdermabrasion said...
    Its strange that I never knew that chicken pickle exists in this world ! It looks so wonderful,Bookmarked this recipe to surely try it out Yes, I will plunge only when I have enough Time and complete sense, because I do not want to go wrong!
    merlin said...
    hi preethy...
    do u have a delivery or something like we pay online and and get a bottle of this ..i really need this please help and do reply...we have people givin every pickle but not chicken pickle that too in andhra style please do help...

    thank you
    merlin said...
    hi preethy..
    i really wanna know if you have deliveries or your branch in chennai would love to buy it or even buy it online if u have the option please reply

    suneethapv said...
    Hi Preeti,

    Its nice receipe, helped me making it for my son in us. thanks.

    sunitha reddy
    Anonymous said...
    Dear Preethi,

    I tried your recipe, it came out very very good.

    2 pound chicken last for only 2 days..imagine how good it was.

    Thank you so so much for such a wonderful recipe.
    Madhurika said...
    Lovely.... So easy and tasty.... Everyone really enjoyed it at home...... I tried it for the first time and it came out really well..... Thank you so much!!
    Anonymous said...
    Hi preethi,

    Thanks for d wonderful reciepe..i tried last week and could not stop myself to appreciate ur work... It came out really really well.. If possible can you also add prawns pickle reciepe
    tenzin said...
    hi preethi, i really love this recipe . Thank you so much for this lovely recipe and the image of procedure. that really helps a lot.. keep sharing a new delicious recipe of PICKLE..

    Tenzin Nyima
    RAGZ said...
    Trust me this one's the easiest of all Chicken pickles..one can find in Google...Good 4 dummies like me...Sure it tastes good as i got it certified by my MOM...lol
    Thz Preethi

    hugomax said...
    Really very tasty recipe. Can this be done with Lamb or mutton?
    education said...
    hi preethi thanks for the recipe it looks good and we made it and its simply superb its the best chicken pickle i ever ate thanks a million
    Reena said...
    hi preethi,

    i want to send this chicken pickle to my husband in US , will it spoil
    Anonymous said...
    I tried this out last week. It came exactly like in the photo. It had a very strong lemon flavor. I might repeat this using lesser lemons.On the whole a great recipe and thanks a bunch for sharing it,
    Anonymous said...
    PAPRIKA ??

    lucky ch said...
    thank you for your recipe. I tried this and it was so delicious...
    Ajay said...
    Thanks! It came out amazing. The only change I made was to use less lemons.
    padmini said...
    i did the pickle today chala chala baaga vachindi thanks for sharing why ru not writing any new recipes now a days
    Sreeja Nair said...
    do we need to refrigerate it?
    eswari t said...
    its awesome i tried it ... it turned out very well .. i put it in special occasion when all my relatives came .......i got lot of compliments with this ...
    thanks a lot i love ur reciepe very thanks
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi, May I know if chicken breast or chicken thigh is good for this recipe?
    shanthi d said...
    Thanks for your recipe... pickle
    Anil Reddy said...
    I love Indian Recipes.especially pickles like mango pickle,lemon pickle,mutton & chicken pickle etc. really after seeing this i got water in my mouth. thanks for sharing.best platform for learners for those who are trying to learn how to make it.
    Divya said...
    Hi Preethi,
    I tried your recipe and it came out really good.Have a question though do we need to dry roast fenugreek and mustard seeds before mixing with chicken or just the raw ones? Thanks for the recipe again!!!
    Ventair Kitchen chimney said...
    Nice blog, very good information on chicken recipe
    Anonymous said...
    Love this, yum yum so good much love for ur pickle. will try again. love me?

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