Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chettinad cuisine is the cuisine of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state in South India. Chettinad is one of the driest regions of south India. The Chettiar community, who are a majority in this region are a very successful trading community. Chettinad cuisine is one of the spiciest and the most aromatic in India.

Chettinad cuisine is famous for its use of a variety of spices used in preparing mainly non-vegetarian food. The dishes are hot and pungent with fresh ground masalas, and topped with a boiled egg that is usually considered essential part of a meal. They also use a variety of sun dried meats and salted vegetables, reflecting the dry environment of the region.

Most of the dishes are eaten with rice and rice based accompaniments such as dosais, appams, idiyappams, adais and idlis

  • Heat a pan dry fry 2tspns coriander seeds , 1tspn poppy seeds , 1tspn fennel seeds , 1tspn peppercorns , 2 cloves , 2 illachi , 1" cinnamon stick .
  • Grind these fried items along with 2-3 tbspns of fresh /frozen coconut. Add water and grind again make it like pouring consistency.
  • From above paste u need to take coconut milk . For that take a tea strainer and filter above paste into a bowl . Press remaining paste residue with a steel spoon . Now again take the residue into the mixcy container and add water and grind again . In the above same way take out the milk from the paste . Put this bowl aside.
  • Chop 1 big onion and 1 big tomato .
  • Heat a shallow pan (dont use a flat wide mouth pan) , add 1 tbspn oil , add 1/4 tspn mustard seeds , 1 sprig of curry leaves and add onions and fry till golden brown. Add 1/4 tspn ginger garlic paste. Fry for 5 mins.
  • Now add chopped tomato and fry til it turns mushy. Add 1/2 tspn chilly powder , 1 tspn salt , 1/4 tspn turmeric , 1 tspn chicken masala powder ( I used Aachi chicken masala) , add pinch of home made masala powder . Mix all and fry for 5 mins.
  • Now add coconut milk extract and add enough water . It should be in pouring consistency like rasam.
  • Let this come to boil and after 5 mins of full fledged boiling break 4 eggs directly in the curry at 4 different places and dont stir it . Just immediately put lid and take that lid after 10-15 mins . By this time ur eggs r boiled in the curry perfectly.
  • Just add few finely chopped coriander leaves and switch off stove .
  • Serve hot with rice / rotis .


  1. My D Lee said...
    thank you ..I love egg curries made in this way ...oing to try this in a few days time ...
    venil said...
    hi...i tried it n it was a gr8 hit in my family..thanks

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