Friday, February 20, 2009

Vahrehvah Recipes

Hatsoff to Mr. Sanjay Thumma of . He inspired many people through his great cooking . Many times i thought that we can not prepare certain dishes in restaurant style at home like chicken tikka , egg puffs , chicken dum biryani , pav bajji , ....etc,. But he made them easy to cook with his great tips .

Today morning i thought , why shouldnt i post the dishes i experimented from and immediately i started collecting all photos and started posting this .
I tried chicken tikka , pav bhajji , double ka meeta , chicken dum biryani , egg puffs , cauliflower milagu curry , kadi pakodi , aloo paratha , indo chinese chilly chicken , veg puff , veg dum biryani , curry leaves rice , jeera rice ,Brinjal tomato curry, capsicum masala rice and tindora chana dal curry.
As a blogger when i get compliements like ' i tried ur recipe and turned out good ' , i feel so happy . I always feel that i succeeded something from my blog that gives me immense satisfaction and in same way i thought i should say sanjay with these photos that all ur recipes turned out great and could able to do them with ease.

Sanjay these pics are for u . If ever u visit my blog i wish u see ur recipes done by me . Thank u Sanjay .

Aloo Paratha

Veg Dum Biryani

Double Ka Meeta
Egg Puff
Indo Chinese Chilly Chicken

Capsicum Masala Rice

Cauliflower Milagu Curry

Jeera Rice

Veg Puff

Tindora And Chana Dal curry

Curry Leaves Rice


  1. Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Nenu Sanjay kanu, photos superb ga vunnayi. Especially Egg puff picture chala bavundhi. Yup I like his tips too, tanani chusinapudalla ma tammudu gurthu kostadu. He talks just like my brother.

    Hi Rajini , thana site lo chusi chala dishes nerchukovachu . pizza , chicken tikka , puffs ,....nijanga avi intlo cheyochani naku thelidu . When i was in india when i saw his videos , i was awaiting to come for US since here we have oven . Really hatsoff to him.

    With cheers,
    vahchef said...
    Hi preeti

    very nice ,i am sure you will be inspiring many to the world of good food
    sanjay thumma
    KennQ29 said...
    great photos. love this blog. :)
    thanks for sharing.

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