Monday, February 23, 2009

Egg Puffs

Preparation :-

  • Boil eggs , peel their skin and cut them vertically half.

  • Onion Curry :- Finely chop 1 onion . Heat a pan add 2 tspns oil , add chopped onions and fry them till they turn brown . After that add 1/4 tspn ginger garlic paste , sufficient salt , chilly powder ( lessthan 1/4 tspn) , 1/4 tspn coriander powder and pinch of garam masala powder . Mix nicely and after 5 mins off the stove. Let this cool.

  • Take puff pastry sheets from ur freezer and put in normal room temperaure for 20mins . Normally i use daily delight puff pastry sheets . In each pack we get 5 rectangular sheets .

  • So with 1 rectangular sheet we can make 2 -3 puffs ( depending upon our required size).

  • Take the board where u roll rotis and on top of it add either maida flour / rice flour , spread it uniformly and on top put this pastry sheet . With the rolling pin litely roll it inorder to get square shape puffs . it will be very tender so be carefull while rolling.

  • After rolling them cut into perfect squares. U can make 2 or 3 squares from each pastry sheet.

  • Now on each square put 1 tspn onion curry and on top of it put one egg half .

  • Now with ur fingers just smear water on diagonal ends .

  • Close one side and again smear water on it and close the second side . stick the intersection nicely.

  • Take a bowl , break 1 egg in it and whisk it nicely . Take a paper towel , dip in egg and pat it allover the front part on puffs . This helps ur puffs to turn nice golden brown colour.

  • After that put then in a baking sheet and put the tray in freezer for 5 mins . Normally i use aluminium tray and even without baking sheet i got them perfect . But people recommend to use baking sheet.

  • Preheat oven @ 450F and then take the tray out from the freezer and put the tray in oven .

  • After 10 mins just open the door of oven and see whether it is done . If not close the door and after 5 mins again see it . Take the tray out and reverse the puffs. Put the tray back in oven and switch off oven after 5 mins.

  • Take it out and serve them only after 10 mins . The egg will be very hot . So if u serve them as soon as u remove ur tounge is not going to function for 2 days because of that hot egg .

  • Serve them with tomato ketchup.


  1. Asha said...
    That is one gorgeous looking snack there girl, it will be this year's Super bowl treat for us. Thanks! :))
    Lavanya said...
    looks awesome!!
    VineelaSiva said...
    Hai preethi the puffs look awesome.thanks for the recipe.i like ur site very much.

    @ Asha ,

    asha i think this is the best compliement i ever received.

    @ lavanya and vineela,

    Thank u both of u for ur compliements.
    Rekha said...
    Hi Preethi...very nice recipe. Thanks for posting such an easy method. I could not find Daily delight pastry sheets in stop & shop or either Indian shop. Where can i get them? I managed to get PeppeRidge farms puff pastry you think i can get the same taste as of daily delight sheets.
    Hi Rekha , most of the people buy pepperidge farm puff pastry sheets , so no need to worry and u get the same taste. I think it will be like a big sheet , so cut it into perfect squares ( Each square size should be slightly bigger than egg size) . keep the rest in freezer.

    All the best...

    with cheers,
    Rekha said...
    Thanks for the quick response preethi. Your suggestions will be very helpful. Good luck for your blog.

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