Monday, February 9, 2009

Ginger - Garlic Paste / Allam velluli Paste

My mom she always used to prepare ginger garlic paste at home . After my marraige i was so lazy to prepare it and when ever i visit my mom , she used to prepare fresh ginger garlic paste , rasam powder and idly karrapodi and pack it for me . But once my ginger garlic paste got over , so i bought readymade packet from shop and it tasted very bad . All my curries turned sweetish becoz of that . So at that time i decided to do all by myself and i realized it was so easy to prepare them than carrying them carefully from hyderabad to chennai . Normally i will prepare ginger garlic paste once in 2 months . If i want to prepare it i will put a good movie and then i will start peeling garlic pods and taking out skin of ginger watching that movie . I would never feel that i am doing some work becoz of that movie . So frds , plz stop buying ready made ginger garlic paste and start doing at home . i will tell u this is very easy and adds good taste to ur dishes and serves u nearly 2 months .

Preparation :-

  • Take 1/4 kg ginger and 1/4 kg garlic pods .

  • Peel out the skin of garlic pods and ginger . ( wash ginger and wipe it with paper towel), chop ginger into small pieces.

  • Take them into a mixcy container and add 1/2 tspn salt and 1/4 tspn turmeric . Grind them altogether to a fine paste . (salt and turmeric are natural preservatives that keeps ur ginger garlic paste fresh and with good aroma)

  • Transfer grinded ginger garlic paste into a plastic bottle , put a dry spoon . Store this in freeze .

  • U can use this for 1 & 1/2 month - 2 months .

  • In India i used to weight ginger and garlic exactly when i buy them , but in US i am unable to weight them . So for that reason wat i do is , i will take 2 similar bowls . In one bowl i will add peeled and chopped garlic pods . In another bowl i will add peeled and chopped ginger . So i will check whether both are at same level or not . But chop both of them in equal sizes


  1. Asha said...
    Beautiful color, useful to make dishes quickly! :))
    Dhivya said...
    excellent preethi... i'm in love wid ur recipes n try them out wen i get time... amazing... keep posting more southindian recipes :) n thank you so much:)

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