Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chakli / Murukkulu

My hubby always like Gujrathi style chakli . when ever we goto indian stores the one item that always present in our cart is this chakli packet . So one day i asked my gujrathi neighbour to share her recipe . So according to her recipe i made this and surprised my hubby . So he felt very happy and completed whole chakli.
Andhra recipe of chakralu is very simple and very crispy . I love that recipe . i will show u it in another post .

Preparation :-
  • Take 2 cups of rice flour to this add 1/2cup of besan flour . Sieeve this together .

  • To this add sufficient salt , chilly powder , 1/2tspn azwain /vaamu , 1tspn sesemam seeds . Mix all nicely . Check for the taste , if anything is less u can add.

  • Melt small stick of butter . When u melt it should be appxo 1tbspn.

  • Add melted butter and 2tbspns whey of sour curd to the flour(Whey means the water that floats on curd) . Mix nicely

  • Add sufficient water make like a dough . Knead it for 2 mins .

  • Take chakli maker, put dough inside .

  • Make chakli directly in hot oil or else u can make round chakli on a greesed plastic sheet in advance and fry them in hot oil .

  • Store fried chakli in airtight container and enjoy fresh chakli.


  1. Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Janthikulu karapoosalu are my favourite snack items.
    Mi recipe bavundhi, now you made me think to cook these on weekend, will let you know the outcome if I tried. Thanks......

    Jimmy said...

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