Friday, February 6, 2009

Capsicum Bajji

Preparation :-

  • Take 2 medium capsicums , wash them and take out their stems .

  • Cut them into long and wide pieces . Sprinkle little salt on them .

  • Take 2 electric rice cooker cups of besan flour and seeive it . To this add 1/2 cup rice flour . Add 1 tspn salt , 1tspn chilly powder , 1/4 tspn cumin powder , 1/2 tspn coriander powder , lessthan 1/4 tspn cooking soda , 1/4 tspn garam masala powder . Mix all these dry ingredients nicely and check the taste . Next add 1/4 tspn ginger garlic paste and sufficient water . Make it like Bajji batter consistency . To this add 2 tspns hot oil and mix nicely.

  • Dip capsicum pieces in this batter and deep fry in hot oil .

  • Serve them hot with tomato sauce.


  • Actually u dont need to add all spices . u can just add salt , chilly powder , cooking soda and hot oil . Am too crazy of spices , so i did inthat way .
  • Whenever u do bajjis try to make batter with besan flour and rice flour in 4:1 ratio . Adding rice flour turns ur bajjis little crisp and helps ur bajjis to consume less oil .
  • Adding 2 tspns hot oil in ur batter helps bajjis to turn crisp .

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  1. Ranjit said...
    good and clear instructions. Thanks.

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