Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bobatlu / Puran Poli

"Bobatlu" as soon as we hear this word the thing that comes to our mind is festival . Yes its truely a festive food . Bobatlu has different names in different regions . In andhra it is called as 'bobatlu' , in telangana region it is called as ' bakshalu ' or ' polelu' . This 3 names are of Andhra pradesh . The same dish is called as 'Puran poli' in Tamil nadu. So different names , different recipes but same base . Some people love to have it with hot milk , some with ghee .
All these days i thought this is a tough dish to make . Somehow on pongal day i thought of trying this and i did it , for my suprise they turned out great and with ease . It didnot take more time for me . So if any of u are having same tough feeling just give a try .
Preparation :-
  • Take 1 small tea glass of chana dal / bengal gram . ( With same measurement i got 10 puri size bobatlu)

  • Wash them and add 1 tea glass water and soak it for 30 mins and cook it in cooker for 4 whistles .

  • In mean time take 3 tea glasses of maida , to this add pinch of salt and 1/2 tspn ghee . Mix nicely , add sufficient water and make little loose than chapathi dough . Cover this and rest this for an hour .

  • Grind 2 illachis into a fine powder . Take 1 tea glass jaggery and make it as powder .

  • When pressure goes off takeout that bowl . See how dry they turned . Now take a kerchief or paper towel and pour cooked dal . This step is to make dal fully dry .

  • Now grind boiled chanadal into powder ( dont add water at all . We need it as powder not as paste) .

  • In second round add grinded illachi powder and jaggery powder. Grind them nicely again . Before transferring grinded contents check whether u are able to make as balls . If so u can transfer them into a plate.

  • Make as balls . Important thing while making balls is purnam ball should be the double size of maida ball. Try to prepare bobatlu in puri size so that there wont be any wastage . U can have how many u want .

  • Now make balls out of maida dough ( dont forget this should be smaller compared to purnam ball) .

  • Now take a plastic paper / cover . Smear it with oil and smear ur palm with oil . Take maida ball press it gently with hand on cover and make it to medium size . Now put purnam ball in center cover it all around with maida and make again like a ball.

  • Press this again with ur hand to make it like puri . Be carefull and see that purnam doesnt come out .

  • When u reach ur required thickness fry them on a hot oil greased pan on both sides. If u want u can fry them with ghee.

  • Serve them hot with ghee or milk .


  1. Krithiga said...
    Hi Preethi,

    your website is too good..! all your recipes and photos are good..my best wishes to you..will see your blog often and leave my comment...this puran poli looks good..will try and let you know..your presentaion is good too..
    Anonymous said...
    This is good
    bharat said...
    hai preethi, your website is excellant for each recipe you had good pictures, really it is wonderful. i would like to try bread pizza and let you know.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preeti

    I like your site sooo much. It is so easy to learn with step by step pictures. Greatly appreciate your effort. All these days I didn't know how to make bobbatlu.. My husband loves them. I am going to surprise him. Once again thank you so much for your simple & easy recipes.

    Best Wishes
    Sunitha K.

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