Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vankaya Pachadi / Brinjal Chutney

Preparation :-

  • Take 3 round brinjals , wash them and chop them into pieces . Put them in saltwater . (Or) u can take 1 big brinjal , wash it and dry it, smear oil all around , put some cuts on them and bake it in oven @ 400 F.

  • Soak blueberry size tamarind in little amount of water or microwave this bowl for 1 min .

  • chop 10 small size green chillies ( adjust according to ur taste).

  • Heat a pan add 1 tspn oil , when it turns hot add 1 tspn urad dal , 1/4 tspn cumin seeds and chopped green chillies . Fry till chillies turn whitish .

  • Transfer these contents into a mixcy jar .

  • In the same pan add 2 tspns oil , when it is hot add squeezed brinjal pieces . add 1/4 tspn salt and pinch of turmeric. (adding salt helps brinjals from turning bitter). Fry till brinjals are cooked . Switchoff stove and let it cool.

  • In mean time grind the contents in mixcy jar .

  • In next round add 1 garlic pod , tamarind extract , fried brinjals , sufficient salt for the chutney , few coriander leaves . Now grind this like coarse not like a paste .

  • Transfer chutney into a bowl.

  • Heat a pan add 1 tspn oil , next add 1/4 tspn urad dal , 1 broken dry red chilly , 1/4 tspn cumin seeds , 1/4 tspn mustard seeds , 1 small garlic pod crushed , sprinkle little asafoetida ,last but not least add few curry leaves . Switchoff the stove .

  • Add this tadka to chutney and mix nicely . Serve with hot rice and ghee.


  1. Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Yummy looking pachadi, will have to buy eggplant now. Avunu miku vaka question, miku gangabayilu or purslane aaku tho recipes telusa, leaves konna kani no recipe, have to cook it, if you know then please share it with me, thanks.

    Hello Rajini garu , yes we make gangabayilu pachi mamidikaya pappu kura . It tastes great .In shortcut, in a bowl take washed and chopped gangabayilu leaves , 1 small onion , green chillies , chopped raw mango . ( no need to add tamarind). In one more bowl take washed dal . cook this 2 bowls in cooker for 5 whistles . next heat a pan add oil , urad dal , dry red chilly , cumin seeds , mustard , 1 garlic crushed , asafoetida , pinch of methi powder , curry leaves , now add cooked leafy veg and mango mixture , next add cooked dal , add sufficient salt , chillypowder ,turmeric , coriander leaves . Now invite me for a good luncheon . I will come and enjoy .Thatsit.Bagundhi kada?

    With Cheers,
    Preethi ram.
    Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Chala thanks, rendu combination bagundhi will try for dinner tonight, except no chillies, finished, will let you know the taste, thank you so much once again.........

    hugs and kisses
    Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Pop into my website I blogged about your recipe, chala superb ga vachindi. Thanks yaar...........

    bhanu said...
    Hi Preethi Garu

    Ur Recipes are gr8t. Chala easy ga kooda choopistharu.. Thanqs for all recipes. Actually i dont know cooking at all but after seeing ur site i started doing better. And Preethi Gaaru can u tell how to make Green Peas masala curry too.. Am waiting for any Peas curry recipes
    Ashwini said...
    This Came our Really awesome. Thanks Preeti.. :-)

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