Monday, November 17, 2008

Semiya Pakh

Preparation :-

  • Take a pan add 2tspns ghee , when it turns hot fry some cahews and kismis . When cashews turn golden brown and when kismis popup as little ballons u can take them into a plate .

  • In same pan add 1 tspn ghee and fry 1 cup semiya till it turns golden brown.

  • After that add 1 & 1/2 cups water. After semiya boils fully add 1/2 cup sugar ( if u want more sweeter u can add more sugar).

  • When it is closely packed / thickened add 1 spn maida and stir continously .If u want u can add colour water immediately or u can add saffron soaked milk and switchoff stove . As soon as u add maida it will thicken so stir it and after 2 mins switchoff stove.

  • Take a plate greese it with 1/2 tspn ghee and pour semiya mix on it and decorate on top of it with fried cashews and kismis .

  • Put this plate in fridge and after 30mins takeout and cut as diamond shape pieces and serve .


  1. chandana said...
    chudataniki chala bavundi..eppudu semiya payasam bore..idi try chesta..and mee receipes anni bavunnai chudataniki:)
    inka try cheyaledu lendi nenu
    nway egg to curries emanna post cheyandi
    madhavi said...
    wow chala bagundi and simple process...
    laxmi said...
    taste super.

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