Monday, November 3, 2008

Roti Maker Roti

From long time i am planning to post this recipe , but dont know y it has taken so many days and months to post this , perhaps this needs step by step explanation combining my experiences to get soft and fluffy rotis. Any way starting u may fail for few attempts in getting good rotis but as u do daily u will teach me how to get more better ones . I mean experiences makes everything to get perfect. Hummmmm after coming to US am unable to switch to old method of making rotis ( rolling and all) . Now i feel how easy to make rotis on a roti maker . Any way i miss my rotimaker . Once u get accoustomed to this rotis u cant eat normal pulkas (just kidding) . I used "Chef Master " company rotimaker . In India it will be around 1800/- . I purchased it in a dussera sale and i got it for 1300/- ( hahahaaaaa good deal kada)

Preparation :-
  • Take wheat flour in a bowl as much as u need .

  • To this add salt and mix it . Next add little amount of water and mix . Next add 2 -3 tbspns of curd . Mix well. ( Adding curd will give extra softness to rotis , if u dont have curd u can add milk )

  • Remaining add water and make as dough , dont make like usual dough . Rotis on roti maker always needs little more water than usual . Ur dough should be little loose in such a way that if u try rolling it will stick , that much loose it requires . Finally add 1 tspn oil and make as dough . For this u dont need to knead it till ur muscles are out . Just simply make dough and put aside . Cover it with lid or cloth .

  • Put ur dough aside for 1 hr .

  • After 1 hr switch ON ur roti maker . Before switching ON open the lid of roti maker then u can ON the switch . A red bulb will be on . u can start doing rotis once that bulb is off . It takes nearly 5-10 mins . In this mean time u can do balls . If u r doing in large quantities then first make balls and after finshing only ON roti maker.

  • In mean time take 1 drop of oil and smear it to ur hands . Now take a small ball size dough and make as balls and press them flat . Next for making 2nd ball again smear 1 drop of oil to ur hands and repeat doing balls . smearing oil to hands ensures u from sticking . Since dough will be loose it will stick .

  • Dont do big size balls .

  • By the time u finish doing balls red light will get off . It ensures that rotimaker is ready to do rotis . I mean it has got sufficient heat .

  • Now take 1 ball , make it little flat with hands and put it near to the lid . Do not put it at the center . Just see my pic for better understanding.

  • Immediately close the lid and gently press it for once and open the lid ( dont press it 2 or 3 times like puri presser , once is enough) . Dont put more strength and press it . It will give u a pop sound . It means inside ur roti is broken and it wont come fluffy (pongadu).

  • After 2 mins of opening the lid u will see small small bubbles coming (bubbles should be like little lessthan in my pic) , after 1 min just reverse the roti (use either wooden spatula or nonstick spatula , dont use steel).

  • Now hold the lid on top where u get plastic body and slowly try to close the lid till 3/4 th not completely and hold for few secs and open again. This will give good heating . Turn the direction of roti (not reversing ) and again close the lid 3/4th. Open immediately after 1/2 min. By this time u will see ur fluffy roti coming out .

  • Take that roti out and serve hot with any dish.

  • My explanation may be too lengthy but if u do regularly u will not feel it as a big work . I am sure if u do regularly u will get soft and fluffy rotis and u will feel how easy to do rotis , no hard kneading , no rolling , no need to stand before hot stove . u can make 1 roti in 1 minute .

  • when we were in chennai i felt doing rotis manually is a difficult task in hot weather where i used to get full sweat by the time i complete doing rotis on stove . At that time i preffered buying rotimaker . Really i thank my rotimaker which served us soft rotis daily with no difficulty.
  • Disadvantages of roti maker :- Roti maker has disadvantages also . U cant eat rotis after 2-3 hrs of doing rotis . They will turn hard . So u should consume immediately when they r hot or lessthan an hour of doing rotis . Next disadvantage is if u have extra dough u cant store it in freeze and do it next day . It wont come out fluffy and soft . So , u should mix exact flour as u need .

  • If u have any doubts u can write it as a comment.

    This is not my video . I saw this in youtube and thought of showing u how fluffy rotis come out .

  • Click on the link below for videos of roti , paratha , bread , papad , dosa , omlette making using a roti maker.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hi preethi my mom uses roti mater in india and it works great but here in US i bought vllaware roti maker but cannot get goot sure why..any the way urblog is great
    Hi , i hope u r usha . Actually i saw ur message in vahrehvah orkut forum . Anyway i am also in search of buying a good roti maker . but I dont have any idea of villaware roti maker. All that i know, i wrote in my blog. i think u r preparing dough tightly . Prepare it loose and one more thing is after pressing it as soon as u get small bubbles u reverse it dont wait for heavy bubbles. It will turn hard . try adding curd also and let me know how u r getting rotis more thing always rotis wont blow like ballon but they will be soft . So if u get soft rotis thats enough.

    with cheers ,
    Preethi ram.
    joshna said...
    hi preeti, india lo ee shop lo untayi ee roti makers? bigbazaarlo untaya?

    Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preeti,
    Chala bavundhi mi explanation. Roti maker ledu naku, amma valaki present cheste they will have daily roti's and good for health too. Next time hunting cheyali India lo.

    Hi Joshna , ya u can get them in Big Bazaar.Even in exhibition times during january they will give u demo also there and u can get various companies .

    Preethi ram.
    Hello Rajini garu ,

    Ya u can present it to ur parents . Its very easy & comfortable to use .
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi,
    I love ur recipes.Can u please share what brand of roti maker you are using?it would be easier as you already mentioned the advantages and disadvantages.Keep up the good work.

    Hello Lakshmi , i used chefmaster company roti maker . Any way thx for ur compliements .

    With cheers ,
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preeti
    My inlaws sent me an electric roti maker of brand "Vijay". Iam not able to get a full round thin roti when I press it in rotimaker. also can you tell me how to adjust the heat setting ? its light is never turning off.

    Yahya said...
    mnew to roti maker, i just bought one whe i press roti before on it is difficult to open it is very tight and could not open also roti is very small.can you please help. i'll try ur method also
    Hi yahya , i think urs is not nonstick material thats y it is sticking . If it is not nonstick try applying drop of oil to the base and lid before putting ur roti dough on it . And may i know wat company u purchased? so that i can answer u better.Becoz the one u purchased is a tortilla maker then its difficult to get puffed rotis.

    With cheers,
    Yahya said...
    Hipreethi,thanks for your reply, i have non stick.i used without switching as you told i switced on and made butwhen i press roti is coming small and fat not cooking also.ihavve nevica's roti maker. it is not good ..which one i've to buy tomake roti and also we are i gulf,how i kow which is roti maker and which is tortilla maker,here we all need roti.
    Anonymous said...
    hi Preeti

    My concern is about the coating used in the roti maker. I have heard it is harmful in the long period. Cud u pls suggest this??
    @ yahya ,

    Hi yahya , if u r a indian u can get 'chef master' company roti maker in big bazaar . Or else check in google u may get it online. U said u r getting small and fat rotis , it would be better if u can make ur dough little bit loose then u get big and thin rotis coz when dough is soft and loose it presses thin.

    @ unknown ,

    Chefmaster roti maker uses nonstick coating , so its not that bad that effects to health . It is similar to our nonstick cookware .

    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi:

    I bought the rotimaker after seeing your blog. I tried it exactly the same way you were making. But never got good rotis. So I ws wondering may be I'm not making the dough right. Can you exactly send the measuremnts on how much curd,water and flour needs to be used. Thanks in advance,
    Hi Sunitha , U just need little practice and doing 2 or 3 times u will know ur own tips & tricks .Just add 1 tspn curd thats enough .Ofcourse u can do only with atta,salt ,water.

    Just click on this link ,

    there click on raw chapathi dough making , u get exact way and u get all other video recipes that u can do on a rotimaker .
    Supriya said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Wonderful site! My parents gifted me a Roti maker from India. I bought it to the US and used a plug converter. Even though the roti maker heats up, the light does not go off indicating something is amiss. Looks like you bought it from India too. Can you suggest if you used a voltage converter and if so, which one?
    Thanks in advance !
    Hi Supriya, I got a direct 110v rotimaker from india which doesnt need a converter . I heared same problem from my cousin that light is not getting off but the one i have is doing good job it shuts off in 2 mins.So my cousin she presses it on rotimaker but fry it on pan . She says that atleast pressing and rolling work is reduced. What u have got is a technical problem so i dont have any solution for that.

    DR said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Thanks a lot for detailed instruction. I never seen anyone explaining about the preparation of dough. According to me.. that is the most important step to get good rotis. Thank You !!

    Would you please tell specific quantity of curd. Like for 2 cups of wheat flower, how many table spoons of curd you would add ?

    subbareddy said...
    mee explanation chala bagundhi...thqs foe tht
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Thanks for explaining the process in detail. I bought rotimaker 6 months back and used it only twice, both the times it turned out an experiment with no success. I found your website while surfing for something else. After reading your explanation, I was exited and immidiately started kneeding ata. For my surprise the first attempt was not bad..but the second attempt turned out to be success and the roties were soft. I have used milk instead of curd, will also trying using curd. Thanks again for the post. Keep up the good work...Knowledge sharing is best thing one can ever do, be it anything. Thanks.
    Rukmani R Ambarish said...
    Hi Preethi
    Good recipe..roti maker roti..I have a question...Do they sell 110V roti in India? or do you use a converter? Can you please respond to

    Thanks in advance

    Meena said...
    hi yaar,
    what to say? i was very exhausted in trying rotis in rotimaker,everytime it din come out well,i came across yr blog,wow! what an explanation yaar!thanx indeed.yr writing gives me such confidence that i would like to try again.once again,thank you very much.
    Maryam said...
    Just to say, 10 years back I got this roti maker as a gift and only used it once, needless to say, I was doing it wrong. So, thanks to your "how to use the roti maker" desription, my family will be more than pleased to have roti more often!!
    Subbu said...
    This Video shows The Right Way to make roti with Chef Master Roti Maker.

    Try Out and Vouch for it.

    Subbu said...
    Oh, My!!

    I forgot to add the URL.
    Very Sorry!

    Heres the link!
    Shilpa said...
    Hi Preethi, I just bought NOVA roti maker and my rotis are coming out very small. I mean when i press the dough doesnt expand and rotis come out small and thick. what could be the reason. please suggest. Thanks!
    Sunkan said...
    dear preeti
    i have a tough time with roti so dropped but the parathas are great making in the roti maker i just use the same dough method and put the filling inside and roll the dough into a ball and then put some dry dough over and press it is roti maker but use ordinary tawa to make the parathas with some oil
    srinu said...
    Hi preethi, thanks a lot for giving a very nice description on roti maker.
    I m going to buy this week a roti maker.
    happy said...
    HI preethi...
    i am actually searching for this chefmaster roti maker and am unable to find it.Can you pls tell where/in which shop you got it ...
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi,
    i m planning to buy a roti maker. i wanted to have roti for lunch.if i prepare roti in the morning, is that good for lunch? give me suggestion.
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi,
    i m planning to buy a roti maker. i wanted to have roti for lunch.if i prepare roti in the morning, is that good for lunch? give me suggestion.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi,
    i m planning to buy a roti maker. i wanted to have roti for lunch.if i prepare roti in the morning, is that good for lunch? give me suggestion.
    Ramya said...
    Hi Preethi,
    i m planning to buy a roti maker. i wanted to have roti for lunch.if i prepare roti in the morning, is that good for lunch? give me suggestion.
    Ramya said...
    Hi Preethi,
    i m planning to buy a roti maker. i wanted to have roti for lunch.if i prepare roti in the morning, is that good for lunch? give me suggestion.
    Indian said...
    Making dough is simple. For one measure of atta use 1/2 a measure of water. Add salt and 2 spoons of oil to the atta and mix it well before adding water. Now heat the water in microwave for 20 seconds and use the water for mixing. You may add a drop of oil for the final kneading. Rotis oomes out very well in the roti make irrespective of the brand. Uma Dasharathi
    Buy one here on eBay from my store I post worldwide.
    Anonymous said...
    your tips on making roti for roti maker was very useful, tried and was successful after some attempts.
    Thank you very much.
    Anonymous said...
    I just bought a Chefmaster and was keen on trying it right away. I think you need to have a softer dough (use extra water to make soft dough). Then you need to make golf size balls of the dough and keep covered with wet cloth. Making the balls before hand is advisable because once you start the process of making rotis it goes fast and you save on energy.
    Once the rotimaker is plugged in the red light comes on and once it reaches the required temperature the light goes off and it maintains the temperature. The light does not come on again. The one i have is 110V. I did not get it in N.America as the person who i purchased it from bought it from India.
    Unfortunately i had very little atta so added white flour. The rotis came out fine but turned a bit tough. Waiting now to buy some atta and try again. Overall i think it saves time making rotis as you avoid the rolling process. The best atta is Golden Temple. This is my opinion as it tastes great as well as good color. Makes good parathas as well.
    Arpana said...

    I want to buy a roti maker, but little bit confused. In Indian market these are many roti maker, hence confused which one is the best to use for long term
    Every roti maker having good and bad review.
    Can anyone let me know which one is best for me.
    Terence said...
    Dear Preethi,

    We (me n my wife Jubee) were in a dilema to purchase the rotimaker because we were hearing all negative, but reading your blog, we felt as if you were one of us and sitting infront of us and explaining!! We understood the mixing all of them tried was not sticky but tight - so the fault. Now we r confident n decided to buy.
    Wife is all excited (but sometimes i think it is more because now the chapathi making can be done by me also hahaha)
    Jokes aside, thanks for the simple but so useful and assuring work. Thanks a lot - especially for the pics.
    Anonymous said...
    Excellent Instructions Preethi! I saw this blog and made great chappatis. Thanks to you and rotis to me :)

    prakash said...
    Anonymous said...
    Dear Preethi,
    I brought a new Jaipan roti maker, was learning to make rotis, but i am getting electric shocks when ever i try keeping the drought boll by hand on the platform of the roti-maker.

    What may be the problem, awaiting your help.

    Anupa said...
    Hi Preethi,

    I did see your comment stating that we cannot eat the Roti's made on Roti Maker after 2 or 3 hours. I am planning to buy Chef master Roti maker,after reading your comments.. so that I can eat Chapathi in the morning and also wanted to take for Lunch to Office. Would you feel that its not advisable? What incase if we put the Roti's in Hot case and cover it and also carry it in Box without exposing to air, still the Roti's made in the morning cannot be consumed by Afternoon? Please comment and Thanks for the advise.
    Anonymous said...
    hey hi dear,
    finally i got a blog where i can really see my queries can get resolved. Dear i bought this roti maker,but what happening is my roti is getting cracks, i use dough maker of inalsa,and it is good,the roti's are perfect when made with the traditional one,but on this roti maker it was all papar. i have tried almost more than 50+ roti s but not even a single was anle to make the ballon out of it.. :( need sincere help. Thanks Priyanka Rai
    Rohit Kumar said...
    hey i just moved to unites stated and miss eating roti ,i never cook in my life ,but that roti maker thing looks easy can u please tell that thing avail in states ? i cant wait to make roti lol
    Sati said...
    Hi, This is some good info. My question is ... i want to purchase and take a roti maker from India to Cananda which uses 110v. Which brand is recommended for a 110v model and where can i get it in India, Bangalore specifically. Thanks.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi preethi thanks for your blog...2 days back I bought an electric roti maker brand name berg from home shop 18...though I can make rotia on iron tawa quite fast...I was excited about this roti maker and bought one...but the rotis didnt come perfectly....then I thought of throwinng out this product...then today I saw your blog amd tried again as per your come out quite well...thanks a lot...
    Unknown said...
    I got a vijayalakshmy roti maker yesday.. didn't add curd, instead I made it using water and salt using lose dough ..but it didn't become a big round..and it didn't become fluffy...will curd help me in getting a bigger round and become fluffy...?pls reply
    Anonymous said...
    Hi preethi. Please advice me as to why my dough runs out while pressing it in my roti maker?
    Rajeswari said...
    Roti maker is waste of time and money... I use chefmaster and have tried all ways to make good rotis... Waste of time... Started making dosas and toasting bread in ROti maker

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