Thursday, October 30, 2008

How To Prepare Rice Ravva / Biyyapu Rava

Preparing rice ravva is half day work , but it serves me for 2 months whenever i want to make easy and quick recipe . We can do different recipes with one ravva ,like upma ( one with garlic another with onions ), lemon pulihora , tamarind pulihora . When u r going for long journeys u can pack this as this will stay for 2 days. There are 2 methods of preparing ravva.

Method 1:-

Preparation :-

  • First take raw rice and wash it .

  • Strain all the water from rice .

  • Take a towel put it where u get full sun . On it pour ur washed and strained rice, distribute it nicely . In all corners put some weight .

  • Let the rice dry nicely under hot sun for nearly 1-2 hrs . If u r doing in small quantities 30 mins is enough.

  • After 1-2hrs see the rice it should be completely dry , even the cloth should be dry . Thats the way we can know our rice is dried .

  • Now collect all the dried rice into a bowl .

  • Grind it in mixcy . just 1 trip is enough . It should come as granules .

  • Now sift it into a paper ( jaleda pattali). This step will ensure getting upma not as a wet one but as separate separate.

  • Now transfer ravva into a dry plastic bottle .

  • This will be good for 3 months and u can do upma and all recipes instantly .

  • So 1 day work will serve u 3 months . Normally i do 2 kgs of rice at a time .

Method 2:-

Preparation :-

  • Take raw rice and wash it .

  • Drain all the water .

  • Put a lid on that bowl and keep undisturbed for 3 hrs . So in this 3 hrs rice absorbs all the water and becomes dry .

  • Now grind this rice in mixcy . Grind only once . It should come as granules not as a powder.

  • Now take a cloth put it under fan and pour grinded rava on cloth and evenly distribute it . Let it sit for 3-4 hrs . ( Normally my mom does this in evening and grinds after dinner and the whole night she will leave the rava to dry under fan putting cloth on dining table and next day morning she will transfer to a plastic container)

  • Now transfer rava into a dryplastic container .

  • But doing in this process one cannot ensure its shelf time . Becoz if we dry under hot sun we can tell it will stay for 3 months or above. But for this process we cannot tell how long it will stay .

  • So when u want to do small quantities and when there is no hot sun or in rainy season u can go for this method.


  1. Siva said...
    preethi garu,

    1. bombai rava upma ki use jalleda ne Biyyapu rava preparation ki use chese cheyyacha?

    2. rava pulihora tayaru chesthunnappudu rice muddaga kaakunda vundali antey emi cheyyali?

    mee blog really superb....

    Thanks in advance,
    Anonymous said...
    HI Preethi

    Can we use this ravva for making idlis.

    Thank you

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