Thursday, October 30, 2008

How To Prepare Idly Batter

Preparation :-

  • For preparing idly batter normally i use wet grinder .

  • Take 1 glass of urad dal in one bowl and 3 glasses of idly ravva in another bowl .

  • Wash urad dal and pour enough water in it . In the same way pour enough water in idly ravva.( No need to wash ravva now itself)

  • Soak them for 6-7 hrs .

  • After 6-7 hrs drain water from urad dal bowl.

  • Switchon ur grinder , add 1/2 glass water and then add strained urad dal.

  • Let it grind for 20 mins ( Periodically add little amounts of water).

  • In mean time throw away water from idly ravva and tightly squeeze it with both the hands and put it in a big container.

  • After 20 mins add enough salt nearly 2tspns and grind for another 5 mins and switchoff.

  • Now if u see ur batter should be smooth enough .

  • Add ur grinded batter to ur squeezed idly rava and mix nicely.

  • Ferment this batter for nearly 8 hrs/ overnight . If u r in cold regions ur batter may not ferment that easily , so u can put batter bowl in oven . It provides required warmth. No need to switch on .

  • Just observe how nicely my batter got fermented ( quantity is raised ) . In the morning u can put it in refrigerator . It will be good for 3 days .

  • Now ur idly batter is ready to do idlies .


  1. naila said...
    hi preeti i dont have a wet grinder can i do it in normal mixy.ur recipes are v good.great work
    Hi Naila , u can grind idly batter in mixcy but it is better to change the ratio of urad dal and idly ravva as 1:2 instead of 1:3. Try this and let me know if u have any problems.

    with cheers,
    naila said...
    hi preeti i did as u said.yhe idli came out soft...but it a bit sour in taste.....can u plz tell me where did i went worng.
    Hi naila , i think u over fermented the batter than required . When u do that ur idlies turn sour. Wat normally i do is ferment batter in oven for 8-9 hrs in winter . Try this this time.

    With cheers,
    naila said...
    i will surely try it again n let u know.thanks
    nal said...
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    nals said...
    Hi.. Preethi,,,

    can you tell whether idly ravaa is the same which we use for kichadi....
    Hi Nals,
    Idly ravva is completely different from sooji. You get idly ravva in Indian grocery stores.


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