Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Minapa Dosa

Preparation :-

  • In a bowl take 1 glass of urad dal , 3 glasses of raw rice , 1/2 tspn fenugreek seeds . Wash them nicely and pour sufficient water and soak them for 6 hours .

  • After that drain the water and grind it . U can grind it in mixcy or in wet grinder. In last 5 mins add 2 tspns of salt ( tata salt) . Dont add too much of water it should be bit thick .

  • Take ur grinded batter in a bowl . Ferment this for 8 hrs .

  • with this ur batter is ready to use.

  • After 8 hrs u can put the bowl in freeze and when u need it u can use it .

For Dosa :-

  • When u want to make dosas take required amount of batter in a bowl and add suffficient amount of water to it to get the right consistency . Mix well . Put ur rest of the thick batter back in freeze . We can make gunta ponganalu , mysore bajji , egg dosa , etc.........

  • Heat the griddle add a tspn of oil and using onion half just spread the oil all over in circular motion .

  • Pour 1 laddle ful of batter and spread it circularly .

  • Pour 1/2 tspn of oil around the corners .

  • When 1 side is roasted reverse it . After a min u can takeout the dosa in to plate .

  • Normally we like to have it with ulli karam and ghee.


  1. Chennai Shopping Offers said...
    It's simple and tasty dosa. This my fav.
    Anonymous said...
    Preethi garu,
    Mee recipes chala baguntayi,I tried most of them.if possible could you please show how to make pullattu?

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