Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jawar Roti

Thinking wat is this mess aa?
This is one restaurant kitchen . Whenever we visit my home @ hyderabad my dad he defnietly takes us to one restaurant . Its not Bawarchi or Paradise or Hotel Golconda ,etc......... . It is Kamat Jawar Roti . This restaurant is in Abids , its inside Ramakrishna Theatre .
Thinking wat is the speaciality of this restaurant aa? Here they serve hot hot fluffy fluffy very soft jawar roti in a traditional way .
I tasted jawar roti in many places but all were like a hard flying saucer (game). My moms servant maid who is from karnataka she used to do daily jawar roti in my house . She used to do them in a very big size , just like MLA dosa . But they were also bit hard .
so wat i want to tell u is when u visit hyd plan to visit this restaurant . Mostly old people like this restaurant becoz all the curries they serve will be like a home made one . They wont use any masalas , but yet very tasty .
So last time when i went to that hotel i went into their kitchen and asked them how could they get such a fluffy rotis ? i even asked whether they mixed anyother flour . They said they use only jawar flour (jonna pindi) .
So see how they do beautiful jawar rotis .

  • They do rotis with hands . While they r doing if we see we just feel like man playing thabala (musical instrument)

  • They will do this much size.

  • Just like pulka first they will slightly roast them on a pan .

  • When small bubbles come on them then they will roast them in fire. It is not a ballon , its jawar roti.(hahaha.......)

  • so making jawar roi is completed . Next thing is how they serve and wat they serve?

  • They will put a fresh plaintain leaf . First they will serve salad and some leaves (which contain good medicinal values) . Next oil less papad , 4 curries . one will be defnitely with a leafy vegetable . now jawar roti comes . One man holds a bowl full of butter cubes and he will be going on serving them to who ever asks him . That butter just melts on hot rotis .

  • They will give 1 glass ful of masala butermilk . Next if we want they will serve hot rice with hot hot rasam and sambar.

  • One more speciality of this restaurant is single price , how much u eat and how many u eat is not a question there , per plate they charge some nominal amount. ( i dont remember exact price)

  • So , finally how is kamat jawar roti ? Planning to visit aa?


  1. Anonymous said...
    not very helpful
    Hey this is not the recipe of jawar roti . That was my first time eating a soft jawar roti , so i thought of posting some pictures.

    with cheers,

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