Friday, September 5, 2008

Double Ka Meeta

One more Hyderabadi spl dessert " Double Ka Meeta" for u.

Preparation :-

  • Take 6 bread slices . Cut its corners i.e, brown part . Again cut the square pieces into triangle shape like this . Dry it for 15 mins.

  • In mean time boil 300ml of milk and when it comes to boil stir it and finally u should make it 100ml or even less . This process is called as 'rabdi ' ( turning milk into thick) .

  • In another bowl add 1 tea cup of sugar , 1 tea cup of water , pinch of saffron and pinch of cardamom powder . If u dont have just open 1 cardamom and add it . Boil this nicely . When it is boiling add 2-3 drops of lime juice ( To ensure sugar doesnot crystallizes again when it cools) .

  • Now heat a kadai add sufficient ghee to deep fry bread pieces.

  • When ghee gets heated put flame in sim and fry bread pieces into golden brown colour.

  • Take all ur fried bread pieces into a bowl.

  • Next fry cashews , almonds , kismiss in same ghee and takeout .

  • So by this time ur rabdi , sugar syrup and fried breadslices are ready.

  • When u want to serve just soak bread pieces in sugar syrup for 2 mins .

  • Take them out into a plate . Sprinkle fried nuts on bread pieces.

  • Now pour hot hot rabdi (milk) on bread pieces and serve hot to ur guest.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Ultimate recipe Preeeti. This is my favourite dish...and I prepared it lots of times in similar way but not with rabdi... The little fight we have at home is I like having it crispy and hot and my husband likes it soft and chilled...whatever it is...I can have it hot only once all other times need to have it chilled only...

    I wanted to tell you something. I have visited so many foodie blogs till now but this is the best site in the whole world for home cooking. I can say that i have learnt cooking through this and now im a wonderful cook. Thank you very much for sharing. Please keep this blog's 'simple but detailed' style as-is.

    -Vani (hope you remember me...I am an andhraite who got in touch with you from Pune but now moved to Bangalore)

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