Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Capsicum Masala Rice

I saw this recipe in and gave a try and happy that i got one more good recipe with capsicums.

Preparation :-

  • Soak 3/4 glass rice(1 glass =250gms rice) for 30 mins and cook it .

  • Once rice is cooked cool it and add 1tspn salt and mix well . Put it aside.

  • Take a pan dry roast 3tbspns peanuts , 3-4 dry red chillies , 1tspn urad dal , 1tspn mustard seeds , 1/2 tspn cumin seeds , 1tbspn coriander seeds , 2 strigs of curry leaves .

  • Grind above ingridients along with 1/4tspn garam masala powder.

  • Take 3 medium size capsicums better u take 3 different colours (looks colourful) . chop them into vertical pieces .

  • Heat a pan add Butter . When butter melts add chopped capsicums and fry nicely . After 2 mins add 1/4 tspn salt . Let capsicums cook completely .

  • Now add grinded powder . Mix nicely and let it fry for 2 mins .

  • Now add cooked rice and chopped coriander leaves . Mix nicely and when it turns hot switchoff stove and serve hot .

  • With this hot hot capsicum masala rice is ready for u.

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  1. purni said...
    Hello preethi gaaru,

    Today i prepared this dish. So tasty and yummy. But oka doubt induloki gravy edaina cheptara please I mean which gravy goes well with this dish. Thanks for such nice recipe.

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