Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boiling Indian Corn

whenever corn season comes my dad used to get dozens of corn and as soon as they complete he will get immediately. My mom daily evening she used to fry corn cobs or boil them. When guest comes in the evenings she will do this coriander chutney and serves them and inturn receives lots of compliements from them . So if u want good compliements from ur hubby or from ur guest do this and serve them very hot.

Preparation :-

  • Take 2 indian corn cobs . Remove their skin .

  • In a big bowl add plenty of water , add 1 tspn salt and add corn cobs in that water .

  • Put this bowl in cooker and boil it for 4 whistles. (while corns r boiling u can prepare coriander chutney)

  • Takeout them into a plate when pressure releases .

  • Brush them with coriander chutney and serve hot . For brushing use lemon wedge (which u used in preparing coriander chutney)

Preparing Coriander Chutney :-

  • Take 1 bunch of coriander leaves and wash them .

  • Grind chopped coriander leaves , 1 or 2 greenchillies , 1/2 tspn salt .

  • Takeout grinded chutney into a bowl and add 1 lemon squeezed juice and mix nicely.

  • With this coriander chutney is completed.

  • Now apply this chutney on boiled hot corn cobs . u can use used lemon wedge as brush for applying chutney.

  • Apply chutney completely on corn cobs .(Dont see my pic . When i prepared i had very little coriander . so i did with that , but when u prepare do it with 1 bunch of coriander leaves.)


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