Friday, May 9, 2008


It used to be a very big problem whenever we get a new rice bag , that is how to avoid insects in rice . we used to go shop by shop asking for boric powder and we wont get it atlast . so oneday my mother -in -law advised me to add some neem leaves to rice. so i did according to her advice and i didnot get even one insect also . I felt this is a good way of storing rice. But just dry fresh neem leaves in sun for an hour and then add them to rice. Add atleast 15 -20 strigs in different layers.


  1. Anonymous said...
    hi preethi gaaru,

    This is madhuri here.ivala first time mee site chusaanu.chaala baavundhi.manche presentation.keep it in cleveland.i've 16th month old son.meeku chinna pillalu nutritious recipes unte chepthaara?maavaadu 1 yr complete ayyaka..baaga weight reduce worried about him.

    thanks in advance,
    Hello Madhuri , am so sorry to say that i dont know kids recipes .I am recently married , so no kids and experience too.

    With cheers,
    Preethi ram.
    kranthi said...
    Hello Preethi,

    I have seen your recipes today. Very nice.

    Thank you,
    kiran said...
    hi preethi!!
    nice recently married n it's been a month i came to us.i live in houston.i find ur blog interesting n inforamative.i haven't tried any recipe.all the recipies seem to b very simple .soon i'll try n let u know.keep up the the good would be nice if u add more n more recipies...n also more tips..
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi,

    Can you please tell me where do we get these neem leaves in US?
    Hi, when i came from India i got Zandu parad tablets that we get in ayurvedic shops . if u put 2 tablets in a 20 lb or 40 lb bag they last forever .Just put them back in the rice box when u get while taking rice.These tabs work fabulous.So i stopped using neem trees. If u want natural things to store rice put some cloves in rice bag . They will also work good.

    Indu said...
    Hi Preethi

    Just today i saw ur site, its so awesome , ur presentation of the bradrachalam temple etc,wanted to say hi, and will try ur palak rice today .Hope to mail u agian after trying it, thanks a lot for the receips.
    Indu said...
    Hi Preethi

    I tried ur palak rice yesterday , it has come out well , i dint use the coconut milk just everything with water. Thanks for the recipe.

    i have a doubt in making pasta , can i replace the TOMATO AND BASIL SAUCE with the usual tomato chilli sauce(hot and sweet)?Thank u , Have g8 day
    Hi Indu , tomato & basil is perfect for pasta . As pasta belongs to italian we need to use basil. i dont think it will be good if u replace with tomato hot & sweet.

    Anonymous said...
    hi preeti garu i am sravanthi ivaala mi site chusanu chala bagundi actually nenu rajput kani naaku andhra vantalante chala istam.mi site valla anni nerchukuntanu thnx a lot
    rad said...
    I recently moved to India (I'm Indian but grew up in Canada). The insects in everything freak me out! I'll get some neem leaves asap. Thanks.
    Hi rad , if you dont get neem leaves you can use cloves (lavang) . Just add few cloves in dals or rice or soojis it prevents from insects.

    Anonymous said...
    hi preethi,
    this is mala from chennai. this is the first time i visit your site. it is awesome. keep it up
    Anonymous said...
    hi nice , keep it up,evn we can put sum pepper's in them, but jsut whenevr u take rice, remove those pepper's & keep in rice again,
    uma said...
    hi preeti,

    this is uma. i have seen ur recipes. they are vey simple and nice. but i need some more for my 2years baby which are healthy and tasty too.

    thanks in advance
    keep smiling
    ramanjulu said...
    hi this is ram, neem leaves ante yento konchem telugu lo cheppandi please.
    Muthu Aruna said...
    hello preethi,
    i am aruna from hyd..i hav gon through so many sites but ur's blog is very is in realistic way .will add some more recipes in non-veg.
    Sravanthi said...
    Hi Preethi,

    I keep reading your blog and find it very informative.Can you let me know the procedure to preserve rava. I tried roasting it and storing it in an airtight container but still I find it infected. and also I need some tips to store fresh coconuts and lemon juice too.

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