Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tomato rasam -1

This recipe is for the one who doesnt like tomato skin or pieces while eating rasam.

Tomatoes : 2
Tamarind : 2 cloves/1/2 lemon size.
water : 1 tumbler/250ml.
oil : 2tspn
urad dal,cumin seeds,mustard seeds : altogether 1/2 tspn(for seasoning)
red chilly : 1
fenugreek seeds powder : a pinch
garlic cloves : 2
asafoetida : little
curryleaves: 10
jaggery : little
salt : 1tspn
turmeric: 1/4 tspn
home made rasam powder :1tspn
coriander leaves : 2 or 3 strings

  • first chop tomatoes into cubes.in a bowl take 1 glassfull of water.To it add chopped tomatoes and tamarind and boil it for 15-20mins.

  • after it gets cooled squeez the tomato rasam with hands and throw the pulp.
  • Heat a bowl and pour 2tspn oil,urad dal,red chilly,cumin seeds,mustard seeds, garlic cloves, fenugreek seeds powder,asafoetida,curry leaves.

  • Now add squeezed tomato rasam to the above seasoning. add 1tspn salt, jaggery,turmeric,1tspn home made rasam powder,coriander leaves.

  • Boil it for 10 mins ur tasty rasam is ready to have with hot hot rice.


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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hello Preethi,
    I felt i have discovered a Treasure after seeing ur blog....

    It is so clearly and neatly explained with pics...hats off to ur patience..I'm happy that some one loves cooking this extent..

    generally in the you tube videos are so time taking to load,and ultimately missout something.

    I loved this RASAM.Thanks a lot.

    Keep posting...esp some sweets

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