Friday, April 18, 2008


As soon as u get vegetables from shop / market , first separate them and before putting them into covers take a news paper and init put vegetables / leafy vegetables , cover them and then put into covers / air tight containers. Now u can put them into fridge . if u do like this vegetables will be fresh for more than 1 1/2 weeks. ( all the moist that the vegetables have will be absorbed by paper and keeps vegetables fresh

If u r storing leafy vegetables then cut them without washing and then store them in paper. For leafy vege u can store them in cotton cloth. u can see how i am storing coriander.

I got this greenchillies 5days back see how fresh they r.



  1. naila said...
    hi preeti its been 10 days n the veg are till fresh...even chill n coriander leaves which get rotten so fast are fresh.thanks a lot.most of ur recipes r south indian ,me being 4 kolkata by the name i cannot make out wat is it,but when i go through i find it really good n easy to make.
    neeharika said...
    Hi Preethi
    I tried your storing vegetables tip.It worked out very well.Vegetables were fresh for a long time.Thanks for sharing such a nice tip
    deeanna said...
    hi preethi
    i used to clingwrap and store veggis before . i tried your tip and it works beautifully . its much more easier than clingwrap . Thank u soo much n keep up the good work .
    Revathi Ganesh said...
    Hi Preeti,
    I've never went through a blog like yours. It is very detailed and much useful.
    Happy to join here.
    Anonymous said...
    hi preeti,
    its a nice idea. i never used newspapers for storing. i just used to store them in covers or boxes. newspaper idea is really gud. vegetables keeps gud, but coriander and chillies dont be fresh for more days. its really gud.
    thnq for ur nice idea.
    Lakshmi said...
    Hi Preeti!
    I came across your site while I was looking for a kakarkaya vepudu/pachidi.
    You have many good recipes.. :) I noted some.. Thank you very much.
    I also looked at the "Vegetable storage" tip and as an Environmental Engineer, I want to tel you that its really a harmful way of storing vegetables. Even putting fried things on a news paper too is a bad idea because there are chances of lead being absorbed by the food/veggies..
    I think the best way to store veggies is by storing them in the crisper in the fridge( I do this and veggies last for more than 10 days). You can write to me at if you have more Qs.

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