Friday, October 17, 2008

Mokkajonna Garelu / Corn Vada

Mokkajonna garelu ( corn vada ) are our favourite and one of the traditional dishes of Andhra . In corn season in all most all the houses andhrites make this dish as breakfast or snack item . In my inlaws house they will do twice or thrice a week . There r two different varities we can do with corn . One is spicy corn vada (karam garelu) and other is sweet corn vada ( theepi garelu). First i will show u how to prepare spicy corn vada .


Preparation :-

  • Take normal Indian corn cobs . Takeout its skin . It is prefered to use aged corn than young and tender. (muduru kankulu use cheyali . Lethavi use cheyakudadhu.)

  • peelout seeds from cobs . It is a big job . Small tip is first break the cob into 2 horizontal halves . In each half takeout seeds from one single line . so that it becomes easy to peel out the whole cob.

  • Now grind together corn seeds , dry red chillies (accord to ur taste) , salt and cumin seeds . Dont grind it like a paste . It should be litely crushed ( baraka barakaga undali).

  • In the grinded paste add finely chopped onions , coriander leaves , curry leaves .Mix all nicely and prepare it as a dough.

  • Heat oil enough for deepfrying .

  • Take a cotton cloth and take a small ball of dough and gently press it on cloth so as to make a corn patti . Put a hole in center .

  • When oil is hot just drop that corn vada in oil . (slowly drop it). U can fry them in batches .

  • When it turns golden brown u can take out into a kitchen towel . So that it absorbs oil from vada .

  • Now enjoy ur delicious hot hot corn vada .

Sweet Corn vada ( Theepi garelu) :-

  • Just like above process u should separate the seeds from corn cobs .

  • Grind together corn seeds and jaggery . Ratio is , for 1/4kg of seeds we need to take 1/4kg of jaggery . For this dish also we need to use aged corn than tender . If we use tender corn and grind along with jaggery the dough will be juicy not a thick one , so we can not make vadas.

  • Same like above process make vadas with hands on a cloth and drop them in hot oil .

  • Fry them nicely till golden brown .

  • Enjoy ur hot hot sweet corn vadas.


  1. GetHit said...
    Preethi garu thanks again for your Mokkajonna Garelu Recipie
    Renuka said...
    Hi Preethi,
    Thanks for the theepi garelu recipe. I once had them at my hostel when my friend's ammamma came to visit her. Loved them, never tried them at home though, will try them soon
    Anonymous said...
    Thank you, Preethi. They look delecious. Can't wait to try them out.
    TS SREEKANTH said...
    hi preethi justnow i have gonethrough it. today's my dish is corn spicy vada. thank you.
    about the taste i will you tomorrow.
    Anonymous said...
    very yummy .....Comeon start this nwo...
    Manasa Karumuri said...
    Thanq so much for the receipe....I read itjust now im doing dem for my husband....I think he is going to like dem...
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Preethi..
    Thanks for u r recepie.. very clear and understandable...i am preparing now..
    Anonymous said...
    very nice to see....
    and easy to do the dish
    Anonymous said...
    Yeah I liked this....��


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