Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dosakkai Bajji Pachadi

This is one of the traditional telangana dishes . It is also known as ' dosakaya kalchina pachadi' . This dish is prepared by burning yellow cucumber directly on fire . The process of burning vegetable directly on fire and doing chutney with that is called as bajji . Not only with cucumber , this can also be done with Brinjal( i will post vankaya bajji pachadi later). In previous days people used to burn this cucumber in Kumpati . As soon as they complete breakfast section in morning they will turn off the flame . In that hot ashes they will drop cucumber and slowly it will burn and becomes black.

Preparation :-

  • Soak 1 blueberry size tamarind in enough water.

  • Take 1 medium sized yellow cucumber , wash it and pat dry with kitchen towel.

  • Take few drops of oil and smear it allover the cucumber with hands and put this on medium flame .

  • Turn it now and then . Adjust the flame according to its burning time.

  • It starts turning black like this .

  • Finally it should turn full black and test whether it is cooked inside or not by piercing a knife in it , it should go easily. Anyway it takes nearly 20-25 mins for the process of burning .

  • Once it is cooked switchoff stove and take that cucumber in a plate . When it is cooled takeout its skin . It will come easily . If not peel it with knife .

  • Chop cucumber into pieces .

  • Heat a pan add 1/2 tspn oil , fry 6 green chillies and 1/2 tspn cumin seeds and switchoff .

  • Grind together fried chillies , 2 garlic pods ( if u r using US garlic use only 1) , 2" size coconut piece chopped into pieces.

  • In next round add chopped cucumber , finely chopped coriander leaves , soaked tamarind , 1 tspn salt and pinch of turmeric. Grind only a sec . It should not become mushy .

  • Take ur grinded chutney into a bowl .

  • Heat ur used pan , add 1 tbspn oil , do seasoning by adding 1/4 tspn urad dal , 2 dry red chillies , 1/4 tspn cumin seeds , 1/4 tspn mustard seeds , 2 crushed garlic pods , sprinkle little asafoetida and next add 2 strigs of curry leaves. Switchoff stove and add this seasoning to chutney and mix nicely.

  • Serve this chutney with hot rice and ghee.


  1. Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,
    Dosakaya pachadi chudataniki chala bavundhi, I am looking forward to your vankayi pachadi too.

    Mi little stories mundara chadavataniki bale vunnayi.
    Emito ammamma valla vooru gurthu kosthundhi.

    Mokka jonna garelu kuda bagunnayi. US life ki adjust ayinattu vunnaru apude 1 garlic anta :-).

    Hello Rajini, ya i was amazed to see gaint sizes of onions , tomatoes and garlic. My sis once complained me that in some rasam recipe i wrote to add 3 garlic pods . My view will be indian garlic (small small) . so she added 3 next day she called me and showed her anger that rasam was spoiled with full garlic smell . At that time i couldnt realize . But after seeing their size 3 garlic pods = 1 US garlic ani realize ayya .

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