Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chamaku Potlalu / Patra Bajia

Chamaku potlalu / Taro leaves Packets Can be prepared in varied recipes . This time when i went to my inlaws home we enjoyed this recipe.
This is our Back yard . We have lot no.of Taro leaves awaiting for us. Nice to See kada.........
This is the Individual leaf.
Preparation :-
  • Grind together green chillies , onions , coconut , ginger and garlic to a fine paste.

  • Take sufficient amount of besan flour/ bengal gram flour , Add salt and mix the grinded paste . Add little amount of water and prepare it like pakodi batter consistency.

  • Pluck Taro leaves Wash them nicely and pat dry them.

  • Take a scissor and cut the starting of the stem at the back side of each Leaf.

  • Take one leaf and in center put sufficient amount of besan mixture and and pat it uniformly.

  • Now start folding the leaf . It should exactly resemble like a packet (potlam) . Anyway Here is the process of folding in 4 different steps. If u r not sure of folding perfect packet then just fold them and tie a thread.

  • Do the similar process for all the leaves and set aside.

  • Heat a pan /bowl(better use a nonstick pan) add nearly 3 tbsps oil and do seasoning by adding 1 tspn urad dal , 3 dry red chillies , 1 tspn chana dal , 1/4 tspn cumin seeds , 1/4tspn mustard seeds.

  • Add ur folded packets carefully . dont stir them using spoon just make the bowl up and down. Put a lid.

  • stir them in between also.

  • How to know whether they r perfectly cooked or not is a question? for that takeout a packet and check below two things

1. The outer layer Should turn black .

2. The inner layer i.e , besan mixture should turn golden brown.

  • If they r done then take them into a serving bowl.

  • This goes good with plain rice / sambar.

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  1. Rajani Rayudu said...
    Hi Preethi,
    Meeru chala lucky anni fresh veges you get there. Taro leaves mokka chala bavundhi. Nice recipes...........

    Hi rajini,
    Thx for ur compliements. Wat u said is right we get everything fresh here. My hubby is planning to shift to US . I will always tell him just for food we shall remain here itself.
    mithila said...
    Hi Preethi,
    Thanks a lot for showing this traditional and best dish...but my suggestion is that in place of besan flour if u put Chana dal then it tastes still more soak the dal for halfn hour and grind it not as paste but semi grind it and add the same paste which u have mentioned and the same procedure which u had said.Thanks a lot once agaian.

    Mithila Pavani N Jayasree
    Jaya T said...
    hi thanks a lot for these mouth watering traditional mom in law used to make tese chamaku potlalu ..but as she has given up chemma gada in kasi ...we are nw looking for a subsitute leaf ...cud u plz let me knw the substitute

    thanks in advance

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