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Prepare batter by soaking urad dal and idly rava separately in 1:3 ratio , this for a wet grinder measurement . But if u r grinding in mixcy then do it with 1:2 ratio . Grind it nicely after 6hrs. Mix enough salt . Ferment it whole night and if u r living in cold countries then ferment ur batter by keeping the bowl in convectional oven . Ur batter will be ready by the morning and after ur usage put the batter inside the fridge.


  • Greese ur idly plates with drop of ghee in each hole and fill them with batter.

  • Normally i use prestige Pan for making idlies . So in ur pan/ cooker add 1 glass of water and put ur idly stand .

  • Close the lid and donot put weighter . Cook it For 10-15 mins and put Flame in sim in last 2 mins and switchoff.

  • After 5 mins u can take ur soft idlies .

  • serve them hot with chutney , kara podi And hot hot sambar.

If u are in USA use 'priya' brand idly ravva . Its good for making soft idlies.


  1. Pichi Subba Rao said...
    Preethi Garu:

    Mee dhaggara Idli chutney recipe vunte, dayachesi yetla cheyyalo maaku cheppandi. Saadha gaa vunte (simple) baaguntundhi. Chaalaa thanks!

    Pichi Subba Rao
    Hello Pichi subba rao garu , meeru na recipe index lo 'chutnies for tiffins' ani vundhi . so andhulo meeku kavalasina allam pachadi , kobbari pachadi , palli chutney vunnayi. so u can see and enjoy . avunu adagatam marchipoyanu "pichi" anedhi mee inti pera?

    with cheers,
    purni said...
    Hi Preethi naaku idlis soft ga ravatledu they r like stones mee recipes lo unnatu try chedhamanukuntunnanu nenu eppudu urad dal matrame grind chesi lastlo ravva kaluputanu is it right procedure or else rendu grind cheyyala . plzzz let me know mee blog lo unnavi dadapu anni chesesa . thnx a lot maa hubby baaga mechukuntunnaru
    purni said...
    Hi preethi mee measurements tho try chesa Idly they came so soft I was really struggling to get soft Idlis . whenever I try it was so hard like stones. Thanks a lot mothamniki sadhincha hahaha. Inka doble kamitta, veg dum biryani, capsicum masala ela chaala try chesa cheppalante almost anni chesa. I am very very thankful to u. Meevalla I am receiving lot of compliments from my hubby
    Hi Purni , am very happy with ur words. Ur words r like fruits of my hard work, they r boosting me.

    Thanx & Regards,
    Krithiga said...
    hi,your recipes are really very nice and you mention Idly rice or store bought idly rava? how to soak them..can you explain them please? otherwise your effort towards each and every recipe is very nice and clear..keep rocking..
    Krithiga said...
    hi,just now i saw the detailed method of idly batter..i got cleared.usually i use idly rice and soak them..let me try in this method..good effort..
    rajeshwari srinivas said...
    hi preethi, I do idli recipe with the same procedure as you do. but i want to know, why do you use 1:3 ratio for wetgrinder, and 1:2 for mixer grinder. And I hope if, you add little amount of baking soda, then idlies will come more softer.kindly let me know
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