Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Servings:2 Adults

Amarnath leaves /thotakura : Handful
Toor dal : 1/2 the quantity of a small tea glass
Tomato : 1 medium sized
oil : 2 teaspoons
Green chilli : 1
Tamarind : 2 leaves
Onion : 1 medium sized
urad dal,mustard seeds,cumin seeds,redchilly: Altogether 1tspn
fenugreek seeds powder or methi leaves : A pinch
Garlic : 3 pods or cloves
curry leaves : 10
hing/asafoetida :A pinch
salt,chillypowder,turmeric : as per taste
coriander leaves :3 strings

How to Prepare:
  • clean amarnath leaves in water 2 to 3 times and strain .cut tomatoes ,onions in lengthwise,chillies 1/2 inch length.In a bowl add amarnath leaves,chopped tomato,chopped green chilli,chopped onion,washed tamarind.

  • In another bowl take dal and wash it 2 times and pour water in 1:1 or more ratio.after 1/2 an hour boil in cooker dal and leaves for 5 whistles.

  • after 10 mins open the cooker and take out 2 bowls.
  • Heat a pan and pour oil,after it gets heated add urad dal,red chilly,cumin seeds,mustardseeds,garlic cloves,methi powder,hing,curryleaves.

  • Now add boiled leafy vegetables and dal .pour some water according to our required consistency.

  • Add required salt,chilly powder,turmeric powder,coriander leaves. after 5 mins switch off the stove and put lid on it.

  • ur tasty dal is ready.



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    Hi Krishna,
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    rajani rayudu
    sriki said...
    Neatly explained with pictures! Keep it up.


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