Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tomato Pulihora

Serves : 1 Adult


Red & ripe plum tomatoes : 2(medium size)
Tamarind : blue berry size
Rice : 1 rice cooker cup (160ml cup)
salt : 1tspn
oil : 2 tspns

Ingredients for Talimpu:-

oil :1 tbspn
Peanuts : 2 tbspns
urad dal : 1 tspn
Chana dal : 1tbspn
Dry red chilly : 1
cumin seeds : 1/2 tspn
Mustard seeds : 1/2tspn
Asafoetida : 1/8tspn
Fenugreek powder :1/8tspn
Curry leaves : few
Green chillies : 3


  1. Take rice wash it and pour double the quantity of water and let it soak for 10-15 mins and then cook rice . After cooking cool it .
  2. Chop tomatoes & green chillies.
  3. Heat a shallow/deep frying pan add 2tspns oil and when hot add tomatoes and tamarind . Add 1 tspn salt and mix nicely . Cook covered till mushy . Then takeout the lid and increase the flame and mix continously for 2 mins so that water from tomatoes will evaporate .
  4. Switchoff stove and transfer it to another container . Let this cool.
  5. Take a paper towel and wipe off the pan neatly and switch it on again . Add 1 tbspn oil and make talimpu by adding urad dal , chana dal , peanuts and dry red chilly . Once they start turning golden colour add cumin ,mustard , asafoetida , methi powder , green chillies . Once green chillies are fried add curry leaves and switchoff stove.
  6. Grind tomato tamarind mixture to a fine paste.
  7. In cooked rice add grinded tomato paste and mix nicely.
  8. Add talimpu to the rice and mix nicely .
  9. Let this sit for atleast 15 mins before serving .
  10. Serve this with papad or veggie straws or fryams.
  11. For me this is a good lunch box idea.
  12. NOTE:- U can make tomato tamarind paste in large quantity and u can store it for 2 months in refrigerator. When ever u want to prepare this tomato pulihora u can cook rice ,cool it , add sufficient paste , make talimpu and add . Mix all and tomato pulihora is ready to eat . But if u want to store like this u should take enough care while preparing . U should add sufficient salt .


  1. Pavani said...
    That looks delicious Preethi. Love the idea of making tomato-tamarind paste for future use, would be perfect for a busy weeknight. Its been a while you posted, hope everything is going well with you. TC.
    Hi Pavani , how r u? recently my laptop was under repair which has all my recipe pics.So it took 20days to get repaired and as it came i started blogging again. Thats it , anyway thank u for ur concern. Try this tomato pulihora and then leave ur second comment:-)

    Raje said...
    Yummy rice. Nice step by step presentation. You have a nice space here Preethi! visit mine when you have a chance.

    And you are from NJ? Me too. nice to knwo!
    shilpa said...
    Preethi...... I just saw this now and couldn't resist doing this....I would have to no more time.....

    All of my family...including my 2 year old...too loved it...thanks for sharing this

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